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"Latest child care, parenting & teaching practices to transform toddlers & their life-ecosystem. Accredited experts, time tested wisdom, globally acclaimed tools & techniques to develop your child in the most crucial growth phase: 1-7 years. "

Caregivers/ Pre School Teachers/ Shiksha Sevikas

"Those who educate children well are more to be honoured than they who produce them, for them, for these only gave them life, those art of living well" Aristotle.

Teaching a preschooler is no child's play, it's a daily changing and an extremely challenging task. Only people, who have great levels of patience, scientific bent of mind, great levels of self-discipline and people-compassion-passion can sustain their undiluted inclination to work with this quirky but endlessly delightful age group. Innocent minds need to be moulded and shaped to take on the adult roles and also have the ability to deftly and decisively convince concerned parents to better look after their delicate children. Hence, it's important to select and train relatively balanced people who are knowledgeable, humble and adaptable as pre-school teachers. Parents have to develop an inherent trust in the teacher as he/she is to be the care-giver or nurturer of the innocent child for a major part of the child's wakeful day.
 In the early years, the teacher is actually a guide.  Appreciating the utmost of this guide, the ‘Shiksha Sevikas' selected will be trained and monitored to impart the balanced nuances of a teacher, parent & guide who imparts the curriculum and focuses on continuously enhancing emotional, psychological and physical components of child development. While the ‘Shiksha Sevikas' are trained on-site their progress is monitored and constant guidance is provided to spearhead our early childhood enrichment mission at the grass-root level. This child care professional is given an assistant as an under trainee, who in due course will be ready to handle complex tasks in our upcoming village learning centers.
"The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with on a sharp stick called ‘truth' " - Dan Cather

Our Testimonials

Hamara Behatar Bachpan is a great effort towards helping improve  our village toddler's future.I want the first centre in my village;for this I shall give my school as the venue.

Man Singh ji (Sarpanch)Jakhrana, Behror,Alwar (Rajasthan )

It is my firm believe that this endeavor will help the children of my village to develop holistically and empower the educated girls by involving them into this project.

Esther Shimray (Village Elder) Tamenglong District, Manipur

I feel privileged to be asso ciated with Toddlers transformation in achivives and effort fowards early education. I an really imprersed with the work being done by the NGO. I wish Toddlers Work for major all the best is bringing smiles to the poor children in india.

Sunita SirohiMangolpuri North west District, New Delhi

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