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Behtar Bachpan Curriculum

Behtar Bachpan curriculum is based on a research project carried out in the field extensively for almost 20 years. Tried and tested concepts have been further improved with latest global advances covering different aspects of early childhood grooming. Our learning model inculcates the love for learning in each child. The model is based on four factors of key development indicators or key experience, six facets of skill development and involves four stake holders.
Main Features

  • It transforms child centered learning into child initiated learning.
  • The curriculum is thematic and makes learning holistic for students.
  • Tells the Shiksha Sevika what to teach, when to teach and how to teach.
  • Enables learning centers to enforce best practices across all aspects early childhood education.
  • Provides a platform where the child not only gets ready for school, but prepares for a better life.

Duration of Curriculum     
The Behtar Bachpan Curriculum has been developed in manner that it only needs 36 weeks (with 5 working days in a week) to be fully imparted to the Shishaks in the village. Our learning centres would follow a timing of  9 AM to 12 noontime.
Method of Delivery to Learning Centres.
We have a state of art data management system. The data based on the requirements of learning centers are conveyed via a computer network linked through a dedicate internet connection. Different learning modules and updated research insights along with expert guidances are stored on the cloud based libraries from the individual learning centers can access the information through a secure, pre-authenticated login Our complete learning package includes:

  • Monthly Curriculum Guide
  • Daily Activity’ Scheldule
  • Child teaching activity sheets for Languages, Maths, Science and Social Sciences.

Enrichment Activities
We believe in the development of a child as a whole. For this reason, our program includes Enrichment activities that will support and enhance every child's ongoing learning experiences. For example music and movement forms a major component of our Child’s Life Enrichment Activities.  We believe that Music and Movement needs are embedded in each child from birth and each toddler loves to explore music through body movements of singing and dancing. We recognize not only the joy children experience through music but also all their life-enriching benefits spanning hand eye coordination, innate happiness for superior mental and physical wellbeing and essential body-balance and motor skills.

Our Testimonials

Hamara Behatar Bachpan is a great effort towards helping improve  our village toddler's future.I want the first centre in my village;for this I shall give my school as the venue.

Man Singh ji (Sarpanch)Jakhrana, Behror,Alwar (Rajasthan )

It is my firm believe that this endeavor will help the children of my village to develop holistically and empower the educated girls by involving them into this project.

Esther Shimray (Village Elder) Tamenglong District, Manipur

I feel privileged to be asso ciated with Toddlers transformation in achivives and effort fowards early education. I an really imprersed with the work being done by the NGO. I wish Toddlers Work for major all the best is bringing smiles to the poor children in india.

Sunita SirohiMangolpuri North west District, New Delhi

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