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Behtar Bachpan Strategy 2017-2022

To ensure that our children, future torch bearers of our families, communities and nation; become better individuals, successful professionals, happy humans and confident community-contributors in the long term.
To achieve this vision we aim to scientifically empower today’s children in rural India in the early childhood, a stage where these children are often kept away from scientific techniques of psychological, creative, numeric, physical and social development. With over 68% of India residing in rural areas most Indian children are denied scientific child development techniques. We aim to correct this forever. Thanks to our compassionate community based child development approach we will engage with all stakeholders: panchayat, village elders, parents and educational institutions to help us spearhead this child care revolution from the grass roots level. We will strive to create a globally proven and time tested learning environment that will empower and equip  early childhood children with appropriate skills and innate abilities  to help them lead more fulfilling and constructive lives tomorrow, lifelong. To this end we focus on transforming parenting and teaching for early stage childhood children; as most mind and motor skills development (hand eye coordination) takes place in 1-7 years. And this is a time period where there is little or no formal and scientific parenting intervention for rural children. Our methodologies are all time tested and based on scientifically proven compassionate community model of engagement. We focus on creating the right learning and development environment for pre-school children with a holistic approach that combines  love, learning, training and caring in simple yet innovative ways to ensure superior mind, body and skills transformation from an early stage of their lives. This ensures that they grow up having sharper minds, better health, superior self-esteem and confidence with no insecurities and inadequacy to plague / obstruct their future growth capabilities and professional progress. Parents and teachers too benefit from seeing better results in their wards by following our globally trusted and time proven methods of behtar bachpan programme that focuses on scientific and compassionate interventions. 
Present Day Pre-School Education Scenario in India
Most of children in India are suffering from Victorian style of learning where children are made to follow a structured study curriculum  which encourages rote learning and by the book recollection of facts during assessment. This centuries old style of obsolete education methodology stifles creativity and leaves no space for children to delve into innovative out of box thinking. The traditional schooling style does not imbibe detailed enquiry and critical learning for lifelong learning that is essential for preparing children for competitive world of tomorrow where disruptive changes frequently call for innovative solutions that’s made possible through early stage mind development that lays the foundation for continuous and varied learning in future with a binding focus on positivity, creativity, passion, people compassion and self confidence.
Need of the Hour 
There is thus a great need to have an innovative and child compassionate approach to make available community based pre-school learning to children with active participation of parents, teachers, health workers, village/community elders and local government officials. All parts of the child care and development ecosystem need to be equally motivated to be active contributors in this early stage child transformation movement.

To make available  globally acclaimed, scientifically superior and time tested pre – school education in rural and remote localities customised to suit special needs of village communities. 
Appraisal of the Project Village 
 Initially a Participating Resource appraisal (PRA) is conducted which takes into account the knowledge and opinion of villagers towards Pre-school education. Considerable time is spent in interacting with the aim of ensuring an enthusiastic buy in of all elders in the planned early stage child transformation initiative. This ensures that everyone in the community associates positively with the project which subsequently instils a sense of ownership and motivate people to wholeheartedly participate in ensuring the continued success of the programme. 
Community as a Classroom 
Involvement of the panchyat in selection of teacher, renting of premises and being the custodian of all fee collected from the students’ families to ensure continued association with the project (key to long term success).
The Ground force at district/State level is volunteers with totally committed locals who are handpicked based on their commitment to the all round development of their home-district, region and state. They will be calledGraminSevaks( for the people working at the Village level), ZilaSevak ,Pradesh Sevaks andRashtriyaSevaks ( for those working at the national level).
Shiksha Sevikas 
The teachers ( Shiksha Sevikas) at the village levels will be educated and trained Ladies of the same village. The selection of the teacher will be done with the Panchyat in attendance. The sevika will be trained by our expert (s) to ensure that children in the range of 0-7 years learn the basic nuances in an “Activity Based”, playful manner so that they are motivated to embark on a lifelong journey of knowledge discovery and superior learning experiences equipped with innate creative thinking, superior social, self-health-care, numeric and logical skills. 
Curriculum and Content 
Curriculum is localised and tailor made to improve skill acquisition, knowledge retention and prepares early stage children for further learning. The content will be interesting and native. We listen and take time to understand our children’s and have a hands-on approach, making content which is  easy to understand and intuitive to imbibe. The major components of the Curriculum will include ---constructive engagements through structured activities, enhancing communication in English and Hindi, basic numeracy literacy like association of numbers to objects, conceptual understanding of mundane things , importance of practicing hygiene, keeping themselves safe, basic development of time and gross motor skills through guided physical activities. This will result in children developing a deeper lifelong interest in knowledge assimilation and better appreciation of school and its functionaries. 
Overall we feel: A well-defined, widely accepted and regularly updated curriculum will play a big role in revamping rural education and strengthening its weakest link: pre-school education. 
Computing and Data Model
To transform the way we interact with toddlers, we will extensively use computing  resources, and digital processes that efficiently monitor all developments, goals achievements and store all  data centrally and securely. Historically, the learning process in rural areas was run in a batch or in a sequential mode. We by our alignment with technology, will be able to make the learning process real-time, closed loop leading to real time insightful patterns, draw correlations and serve community and children better through real time adapatble interventions.
Firstly, we have laid a complete digital mandate for our self. Our complete resource bank has been converted from physical to digital format. We believe that data works well when we can share it across the environment so that learning can be done at the time and place you want.
Secondly, we listen carefully, are well-aligned and integrated with the expectations of our audience, because he expects that. In order to accomplish the journey of transformation, all the touch-points that we have with the audience are based on his perspective and needs so that the learning outcomes are accepted by all and achieved enthusiastically.
Thirdly, to put things in place and smoothen such transitions we are committed to keep the architecture of our operational tools open for all and data fabric platform neutral at all levels. 
Fourthly, in order to take full advantage of the digital data and meet the aspiration of our audience; we seecloud based technology as the major contributor to us achieving more with less (costs and efforts). The cloud would simplify access, improve collaborative integration across diverse processes and peop

Financial Model
“We believe some narratives, need a bigger canvas” 
Village level    The Finances of the Village will be controlled by the village panchyat to ensure complete transparency in all dealings. All fees paid by the students will be paid to the Gramin Sevak
Donation  We are a very proud company, but more than that we have even more proud of our rural children. As a policy , for the sake of our lifelong commitment to development of children, we do not accept any donation from individuals as they might be emboldened to interfere in our programmes. Our unique pre-school child care and parenting transformation programmes need very high levels of work commitment, unshakable discipline and lifelong child-development-compassion and community welfare passion.
Corporate Partners  However, we are ready for corporate contributors and affiliated business partners , who can adopt village and engage in multiple benefits focused brands’ promotion and community welfare.
“For men may come and men may go, But I go on forever” Lord Alfred Tennyson. Hurdles and setbacks are essential part of any organization and we take it as a  necessity for the development and growth of our organization. However the major challenges visualized by us in the  development of our company are as follows:
Teachers’ skills   Our teachers may not be fluent in English they may struggle with the correct pronunciation, structures and self confidence. But they have the highest level of integrity and commitment. With proper support and empowerment they would be able to excel in execution of our structured curriculum.
Curriculum Failure   Teaching deals with personality and nuances of human behaviour – thus when implementing there is always the possibility of select process’ failure. Our curriculum may begin on a computer, but is continually being test-delivered in the offline settings of a rural classroom and we are willing to revise and refine its architecture based on ground level findings.
Institutional Memory   Due to present system of rote learning we lack Institutional Memory. We have laid out each milestone by activity, institutions and learning outcomes. As Behtar Bachpan grows we hope to nurture a  pre-school child care mindset that will continue to evolve and take the programme goals to higher levels of achievements and acclaim.
Delivery of Education   Our learning centres are spread across a large geographical area. With the distance between learning centres and small classroom size, we face challenge of delivering education to each location using low cost interactive technologies. 
Acceptance of Programme by Villagers  Parents in rural areas want their children to write, write and write as they believe that is what constitutes education. We will strive to build community consensus and parents’ acceptance for our new age teaching methods where learning outcomes are gradual, and playful activities with technology driven child development innovations. This is how our globally acclaimed methodology will radically change the villages’ toddlers. We have always advocated the “Beyond the Village Compound” advantage to our parents in rural areas and we are sure they would gradually understand the advantage of our unique child development focused methodology.
Current Options for Villagers  The currently available options for pre-school child care for parents in villages are the government run, poorly managed, ubiquitous network of  anganwadies. These are mere crèches with no focus on child development and holistic learning . This makes our Behtar Bachpan a first mover in this space of pre-school child transformation in rural India.
Government Policies  The Government policies in some issues and States may also prove to be a hurdle.
Launch of Project
When you want to make progress, you want to make it on a path of least resistance and then scale up.
Hence our project will be first launched in Rajasthan from the BharatPur, Alwar and Rural Jaipur constituencies and later expanded pan India progressively.

Our Testimonials

Hamara Behatar Bachpan is a great effort towards helping improve  our village toddler's future.I want the first centre in my village;for this I shall give my school as the venue.

Man Singh ji (Sarpanch)Jakhrana, Behror,Alwar (Rajasthan )

It is my firm believe that this endeavor will help the children of my village to develop holistically and empower the educated girls by involving them into this project.

Esther Shimray (Village Elder) Tamenglong District, Manipur

I feel privileged to be asso ciated with Toddlers transformation in achivives and effort fowards early education. I an really imprersed with the work being done by the NGO. I wish Toddlers Work for major all the best is bringing smiles to the poor children in india.

Sunita SirohiMangolpuri North west District, New Delhi

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