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"Latest child care, parenting & teaching practices to transform toddlers & their life-ecosystem. Accredited experts, time tested wisdom, globally acclaimed tools & techniques to develop your child in the most crucial growth phase: 1-7 years. "

About Us

Toddler's Transformation is an expert agency dedicated to improve child health, mental faculties and emotional adequacy in early stage childhood ( 1-7 years) when critical brain and physical development happens.  This unique  'Compassionate-Collaborative' education initiative leverages many time tested, people trusted and scientifically proven interventions that empower care givers (parents, teachers and community members) with right tools, techniques and knowledge to transform toddlers early in life. Our well planned and community endorsed initiatives are providing succour to people and their children at the Pre-primary level in both rural and urban areas. Passionate about nation building and community empowerment we focus at the epicentre of a better future: our children!
Concept of 'Compassionate-Collaborative-Child Enrichment' Education
Pre-Primary Children. Children in the 3-5 years age groups are the core of our society and careful nurturing at this age will ensure their all-round readiness for formal school. 
Urban Regions.  While in urban cities/towns diverse pre-school services are available but, the parents of the children in the slums are clueless in dealing with the needs of the  toddlers. Our experts and child oriented programme provide the necessary ecosystem for this critical child development issues at a time when the child is very perceptive and we provide specialized cognitive ,counselling and enrichment solutions . 
Rural Regions. Rural pre-school education is at the infancy stage in India. Children rarely attend a play school to fine tune their physical and cognitive skills in preparation for future formal schooling that is a daunting task for most children as they have no exposure to scientific mind, body and social skills development in early childhood. To bridge this child development chasm Toddler's Transformation has undertaken Behtar Bachpan a unique village panchayat supported programme. This trains motivated 'shiksak-sewaks' from local rural population to kick start a cost effective play school ecosystem that ropes in parents, teachers and village elders in a collaborative education transformation movement.

Our Testimonials

Hamara Behatar Bachpan is a great effort towards helping improve  our village toddler's future.I want the first centre in my village;for this I shall give my school as the venue.

Man Singh ji (Sarpanch)Jakhrana, Behror,Alwar (Rajasthan )

It is my firm believe that this endeavor will help the children of my village to develop holistically and empower the educated girls by involving them into this project.

Esther Shimray (Village Elder) Tamenglong District, Manipur

I feel privileged to be asso ciated with Toddlers transformation in achivives and effort fowards early education. I an really imprersed with the work being done by the NGO. I wish Toddlers Work for major all the best is bringing smiles to the poor children in india.

Sunita SirohiMangolpuri North west District, New Delhi

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